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Skywood Properties is a real estate investment company specializing in the acquisition of multi-family properties. We partner with carefully vetted sponsors to successfully capitalize on secure, profitable deals.




The Skywood Experience

Skywood is recognized for its integrity and transparency. We take pride in our security of closure, and are trusted by our sponsors. Our connections across the country and partnerships with local management enable us to find and execute the most lucrative deals for our investors. Our sizeable portfolio gives credence to our lenders and speaks of our broad experience.

Value at Every Level

Extensive Opportunity

Constant access to numerous deals, affords us the ability to be cautious and discerning regarding the ones we bring to the table.

Due Diligence

Our expertise in risk mitigation, and careful vetting of prospective sponsors add security and stability to our process.

Enduring Relationships

Our loyalty to our associates, result in long standing, lucrative relationships, and multiple deals executed with the same partners.

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